In his most recent series, Metropolis Spencer Sutton deals with the subject of humanity's struggle to find meaning in a post-modern industrial society.  His inspiration draws significantly from Paul Tillich’s seminal work, Dynamics of Faith, in which Tillich argues that faith is the state of being ultimately concerned. In Tillich’s definition, there exist both secular and religious faiths. Through experience one moves from one ultimate concern to another, discarding various false beliefs or idols in the process. 


Each large work in Metropolis represents a station of ultimate concern. These range from self-image in the Parade of Egos to jingoism in Us and Them. The slow decay of the city illustrates the relinquishing of these modes of life and the emergence of new ones. The series’s center piece image, Through a Glass Darkly marks the conclusion of this journey of faith at a station of unity and love.